Thursday, 28 April 2011

The day before the big day...

Yes tomorrow is... the start of the may back holiday ha ha only kidding of course its the royal wedding.. will i watch it... probably mostly out of the fact that nothing else will be on tv..and out of intrigue..although i must admit i like Willaim and Kate and would love if they could be left alone to enjoy their day which of course would never happen but god is it a life you'd want for your children. I mean their whole lives out there for the world to see have an input and give their opinion.. Poor Diana was the first to stand up for her independance and now heres her son and how will he and his wife Kate cope.. hopefully they will and do it as a united front unlike Charles and Diana.. I do feel William loves Kate unlike Charles feelings for his wife on his big day but were will it end up... anyway I wish them well in their future sure no one knows what the future holds do we!!!!
Me myself today how am i feeling?well not bad first day off steriods now this treatment and got through the day ok.. hoping sleeping tab will kick in again tonight and get me a good night sleep. Greg was painting spare room all day so I got to read my book and sit in the front garden and take in some sun twas lovely...  so all in all a good ole day.. think its tomorrow when I normally start getting pain in my joints so im well prepared with my tabs by the bed waiting..
So till tomorrow and the day that lies ahead x x

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