Sunday, 1 May 2011

busy wkend but feeling good

Well now how was everyone bank holiers then... We had a great wkend here and tis not finished yet... 2 huge liners came in the celebrity eclipse and the voyager of the seas... stunning .. im lookin gup cruises since. Its a great holiday i imagine if you just wanna relax and do nout just stroll around islands and the ship so thats prefect for me at the mo..
Weather held up till today too started raining this evening but not till tea time so that was nice. Im feeling quiet good too.. considering i only had my chemo tuesday this wk im happy a little pain still out my back and down my legs and my head looks like a bowling ball on my shoulders its so swollen.. nurses said thats the side affect from chemo an the meds but otherwise life is good... not back now till 16th may aldo i must go for fluch this tues and meeting oncologist on the 11th so hopefully he'll have some positive news for me... well as much as he can without scans and stuff to look at but fingers crossed.. must admit i still dont feel like ive cancer and im sick its certainly not what i expected.. but cant wait to have my taste buds back an ive decided once all treatment done im going to start running. I really want to run a marathon if only a half one and want to finally get fit this is the wake up call ive been needing so please god ill get the chance to do it... anyway im off now to take me sleep tab and try get some zzz x x

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