Friday, 13 May 2011

Today is Friday the 13th and what a crazy 2 days Ive had

Where do I begin... Yesterday morning my niece gave birth to a little girl 6lb 2 ounces Kayla Marie absolutely adorable little girl.. and I became a gran aunty at the age of 37...OMFG!!!!!!! but Im sooo happy to see a new life coming into our family and happy moments its long overdue let me tell ya..
Also yesterday I meet with my oncologist and he gave me a good examination and said he is very happy with my treatment so far and said the lump under my arm has gone down loads and the one in my breast may be gone but will have to wait for scans to verify that but with 2 more treatments to go im bang on target for my op in july and then start the raduim.. so good news as far as it can be im gonna kick this mother fucker out of me and live a long and happy life...
Today I went to the chapel of adoration as a friend was covering her mother for 2 hr and I said id do 1 hr for was lovely very peaceful and great for letting my thoughts flow and my mind wander!!Its so good to get time just for you and I am diffenately going to go more often..
Greg collected me from there as we were going to look for cars as he was trading in his car for another. I also rang the CUH (hospital) to book my op and scan appointments on the way..
Greg ended up buying a 2007 Mazda 6 very nice car ...
So overall its been a manaic few days and Im sure more to come.. Ive round 7 on Monday heres hoping it goes ok and my ticker doesnt go gaga on me again... roll on june the 7th last chemo woohooo...
Chat tomorrow x

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