Tuesday, 10 May 2011

About to be a gran aunty

Yes my 21 yr old neice has gone into hospital and will be sectioned in the morning and I will get to see my gran neice at last. Hope it all goes well for her and It Is so good to have some happy news in our family again. Im also going to see specialist in the morning so fingers crossed he'll have good news for me too. Im hoping he'll shed some light on when im going for operation and when im starting raduim as Im hoping to get away for a few days with Greg in between one of them so we can relax..
So overall tomorrow is going to be a crazy day which please god and all the angels above will end on a very happy note all round.
Im typing here now and sweating like a flippy pig as im getting a hot flush(flash) as this chemo is putting me through the change early to help stop the cancer spreading... im going from clothes on clothes off all day (not naked of course...yet) but its the weirdest thing every.. Tis a hard part of the treatment for me too as we spent the last 3-4 yrs trying to conceive a baby to no avail and now that wont happen at all... always thought id have lots of kids as I came from a family of 6 and love having kids around me.. but if it means I get to live longer and get to grow old with my soulmate Greg then its worth the scarifice to me... and sure now I have my gran neice to entertain me from tomorrow on so Ill be throwing my affection at her x x

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