Tuesday, 26 July 2011

howdy partners

Just dropped in to say hi busy week here sis and family home from Paris on a quick visit on their way to new york for a few days then back to us again for a few days. Great seeing her i really missed throughout my treatment and her kids Sophie and Alice i just love to bits they cheer me up no end..
Only thing is I'm rearing to go on a holiday now everyone is either going or coming from one and I'm just stuck here in the Irish physco summer when its like winter storms one min and then melting heat another!! Mother nature sure is going through menopause!!!Even the evenings are getting darker already.. I'm definitely doing the lotto tomorrow night. All i want is enough for a nice trip away with Greggy and maybe pay some of  me debts..(not even all of them)that's not asking much is it.. i mean come on ha ha..but i know i know ur health is ur wealth i not doubting that but it would be nice (a girl can dream)
Right I'm gone again just a quick hi x x

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Got a hair piece for my hair piece today

New Pain killers are kicking in woop woop and I got a sleep last night! But still drained of energy! Was watching tv today midday and next thing I was snoring and drooling on the couch so not like me but I suppose I've alot of catching up to do! Have a wedding tomorrow we were in two minds as to whether we go or not but decided to go in the end it'll be a night away for us and it's in Kinsale which is lovely!! So panic then this eve as to what to wear! Found a black dress an ended up over in mahon point looking for a shrug or jacket to wear wit it but found a lovely champagne colored short jacket to go wit it! Matches my shoes which r my wedding shoes! Of course i jus had to get myself a fascinator then (well it's a wedding) u wudn mind if i had hair to put it on like but found a nice small one an asked my niece (she's a hairdresser) to trim my Britney (that's what I called my wig incase u thought it was something else) so now my Britney wit fascinator attached is sitting on the dresser ready to b worn ! I'll take pics as the day unfolds looking forward to been out an not worrying about my health for a night!! Might even have a vino or two!!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Happy 4th wedding anniversary darling x

4yrs ago today we stood in a little chapel in limone lake Garda an said "I do"!!! Sunshine laughter an full of excitement.. Twas the best day of my life! U were so nervous an I remember u telling me at the reception u had 2 bars of cadburys chocolate so u wouldn't faith at the top of the church!! But u did me proud.. Of course twas I ended up the nervous one putting ur ring on the wrong hand!we laughed so much at that! I wonder are we technically even married so ha ha! No getting rid now x x thanks for making each day an adventure I love you !!
Just the two of us x x

so far so good and im a happy bunny

Well Friday was a good day doc informed me that operation was a great success. She believes she has got it all they took 34 glands thinking i had a few bad ones but it was only the 1 which had the original tumour that was bad thank god !!!So plan now is to start radiotherapy end of Aug which she said should help protect my breast from it returning and I will also be starting hormone suppressing tabs for 5 yrs as my type of cancer is estrogen driven so it ll stop me producing it which delightfully will also give me early menopause including hot flushes and night sweats but sure I have been getting them all through chemo... and if I'm honest although I'm not looking forward to 5 yrs of it id prefer that than to be pushing up daisies from six feet under!!!! no question!!
On a brighter note I'm healing great and have possibly 5-6 wks to myself with no treatment and I cant wait to get back to some normality..even my hair is making an appearance...
My sis and family due home for a few days in a wk so must get house ready for them and my gran niece christening is on on the 30th July so that ll be a great family night (cant wait to have a few drinks-mini celebration for myself too of course lol)
Its also our 4th wedding anniversary tomorrow how time flies.. poor Greg did he know when he signed that paper what he was letting himself in for with me....please god things are on the up for us now and we'll have a long happy life ahead of us......
This time 4 yrs ago i was in a pub in lake garda with my family and friends and all excited for the day to come.. Oh id do it all again in a heart beat and not change a thing x x

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Tis good to be home again

Oh i love my bed....ha ha.. tis great being home went for a walk today with Greg and Missy and friend collected me this afternoon and we went for a spin to the beach for some fresh air twas lovely. Not sure if this weather will last another day but here's hoping it will it just cheers everyone up and makes a day go much easier..
I doing my physio at mo and boy tis hard all stretches and bends of arms and chest. Results now Friday! I feel real good about them  - that she got it all and i can have a few wks to get myself back to normal before i start radiotherapy.
Would do anything to have a holiday with Greg as its our 4th wedding anniversary next Monday and we haven't been able to get away in over 2 yrs as I've been sick and Greg has been so good to me would love to treat him to a break but the joys of being out of work doesn't help with financing a holiday so maybe towards the end of the yr we'll get away..
as for now tis bed time  x x

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Tiger woods at it again

Afternoon all one more day in here I'm counting it down now! Sleep wasn't the best last night as older lady across from me came back from theatre around 10.30 after op on her broken leg she's not that old early sixites but decided to spend the whole night asking god to just take her please at the top of her voice!! After about 2 hours I nearly starting asking him the same "will u just take her or I'll smoother her".... Joys of hospital I suppose but boy 'twas long night!Got out of bed early(well about 9) had my shower an dressed an sat on chair wit feet on bed reading an listening to iPod must of nodded off cos next thing I knew was dr tiger woods pulling my toes laughing standing at otherwise of bed!! Thankfully this time I wasnt drooling an snoring!! He apologized for waking me a of course I'd rambled off on some silly story 'not at all I was just listening to music' ya right!He confirmed home tomorrow anyway thank god!
Dad just called in there god my heart breaks for him at his age having to come see me like this an I can see it upsets him! I'm all ott happy then of course trying to pre occupy his mind meanwhile he's looking around at all the sick people!! But he's shepherds pie for dinner tomorrow for my home coming *what a man* an of course he brought me a magnum ice cream.. Didn't have the heart to tell him I was full so ate it ..

Friday, 8 July 2011

Day 8 in the big house

Today wasn't too bad considering yesterday I was upset an wanted to go home only for cancer nurse I'd have walked!! It's very hard being in a hospital surrounded by sick people when u urself feels fine it actually drags u down so much! But today I got my 2 Hr release an went shopping wit Greg an had lunch it was only across in shopping centre next to hospital but felt great to mingle wit healthy people again! Blood pressure up alright this eve when I came back but told them twas the excitement of it all ! Sure no doubt it'll b checked again 3-4 times by breakfast so no worries!!
My darling hubby also brought up my laptop an DVDs so had a lovely evening watching johnny depp an orlando bloom Hubba Hubba !! So just took sleep tabs now as women across from me is a wee bit of a handful I think I sense docs have had her a few times an I know specialist had words wit her today about she needin to help herself but she moans even in her sleep sn right now I need sleep to get my health were it should be again!!
Only 2 more sleeps an I'm home wit Greg Missy an my dad can't wait! Then my Sis coming wit her family in a wk or so an I'm praying we have 3 good things: good weather good results good fun til b good to jus not have worry in my brain 24/7 for a change !
I must say how grateful I am to the doctors an nurses an staff here in CUH they are angels sent from above the way they do their jobs x

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

D-Day ... Results of op

Morning awake since 6 not bad considering I'm in hospital but they left us sleep today cos woman I share room wit heading to get her thyroid removed today so she's just heading off down to theatre poor lady is terrified!! Il say prayer for her!!
My drain has improved so delighted wit that hasn't gone down much but it's gone down (bonus). An todays the day they are discussing my operation an how it went so wee bit nervous now.. The outcome I ask for is she got it all an tissue surrounding it is clear an no more chemo an start radiotherapy in 8-10 wks !! After what I've been through I think I deserve that result I've been a model patient (if I do say so myself) everything by the book so positive vibes now
An bring on the finish line... It's been a long 7 months of treatment an worry I can't wait to start my life again a new an get back to exercise an gym!! I miss the gym so much. It's still surreal to me that I've cancer an have no hair an just had part my breast removed crazy how in life we just flow along but when you stop an look back boy it's scary!! Missing my mam so much these past few days in hospital but she's here in spirit I know an keeping me positive an strong !! All I can say is enjoy being in ur health we don't appreciate it enough let me tell u x x

Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Ya still here drain is still filling up so looks like it'll b thurs if not sun!! I can go home with it but this is something I'm not willing to take a chance wit cos if results come back as good on thurs I'll have nearly 2-3 months free to get my strength back before starting radiotherapy so a few extra boring days in here will b ok!!
Miss my ladies from the ward do they all gone home so I'm in a semi private room now which is grand but miss the crack!! At least the weather has turned bad again as it was very hard last wend looking out at everyone in shorts an t shirts sunning themselves!!
It's hard staying positive in here do ur surrounded by so much sickness an people telling u there story an it makes u second guess ur diagnoses an compare which is the worst thing one can do I know so even do I miss my ladies I'm happy to be sharing wit a girl now who jus had appendix out !!!
Also everyone is working too so no visitors Aldo my cousin Susan called today she was up wit my uncle getting x ray said shed call up! An Jean an George my besie mates call! An of course poor Greg comes straight from work he must b exhausted poor guy!! He really is my rock x one thing u do notice is how life carries on without u! People keep doing what they do! But roll on thurs an good results il have another hurdle jumped then it's a sprint for the finish line x

Friday, 1 July 2011

Hello from the hospital

Yes it's the day after operation an I'm feeling good. Op went well won't know results til next fri morning but spoke wit my specialist an she's happy so far so fingers crossed! I'm here in the ward now wit a lady from my home town in bed across from me. The lady in bed next to me is from city shes lovely only found out3 wks ago she had breast cancer an has had a mastectomy but needs chemotherapy yet so she's all over the place as yet asking me loads of questions about the chemotherapy! I've told her wat I can but told her everyone is different an she just Needs to stay positive an it'll fly around! We all even though were going through this crappy thing seem to have funny situations we had since being diagnosed! I've had lots of visitors today my brother Tony my dad my best friend Jean greg called this morning an also this eve he's just gone tis gonna cost Greg a fortune on carpark fees!!
So tonight I here on chair next to bed reading emma hannigans new novel "the pink Ladies club"
An waiting for the lady to bring me a cup of gold old barrys tea! My drain is doing it's job an I'll b in till that is clear so more than likely be sun or mon! But it's good to have another hurdle down bring on the raduim next!!