Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Tis good to be home again

Oh i love my bed....ha ha.. tis great being home went for a walk today with Greg and Missy and friend collected me this afternoon and we went for a spin to the beach for some fresh air twas lovely. Not sure if this weather will last another day but here's hoping it will it just cheers everyone up and makes a day go much easier..
I doing my physio at mo and boy tis hard all stretches and bends of arms and chest. Results now Friday! I feel real good about them  - that she got it all and i can have a few wks to get myself back to normal before i start radiotherapy.
Would do anything to have a holiday with Greg as its our 4th wedding anniversary next Monday and we haven't been able to get away in over 2 yrs as I've been sick and Greg has been so good to me would love to treat him to a break but the joys of being out of work doesn't help with financing a holiday so maybe towards the end of the yr we'll get away..
as for now tis bed time  x x

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  1. I'm sure it would be lovely to be able to get away, even just for a few days. Fingers crossed that you find a way. :)