Sunday, 17 July 2011

so far so good and im a happy bunny

Well Friday was a good day doc informed me that operation was a great success. She believes she has got it all they took 34 glands thinking i had a few bad ones but it was only the 1 which had the original tumour that was bad thank god !!!So plan now is to start radiotherapy end of Aug which she said should help protect my breast from it returning and I will also be starting hormone suppressing tabs for 5 yrs as my type of cancer is estrogen driven so it ll stop me producing it which delightfully will also give me early menopause including hot flushes and night sweats but sure I have been getting them all through chemo... and if I'm honest although I'm not looking forward to 5 yrs of it id prefer that than to be pushing up daisies from six feet under!!!! no question!!
On a brighter note I'm healing great and have possibly 5-6 wks to myself with no treatment and I cant wait to get back to some normality..even my hair is making an appearance...
My sis and family due home for a few days in a wk so must get house ready for them and my gran niece christening is on on the 30th July so that ll be a great family night (cant wait to have a few drinks-mini celebration for myself too of course lol)
Its also our 4th wedding anniversary tomorrow how time flies.. poor Greg did he know when he signed that paper what he was letting himself in for with me....please god things are on the up for us now and we'll have a long happy life ahead of us......
This time 4 yrs ago i was in a pub in lake garda with my family and friends and all excited for the day to come.. Oh id do it all again in a heart beat and not change a thing x x

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  1. Bless! We've a lot to thank our respective other halves for - and they keep on keeping on, regardless. What would we do without them, eh? :)