Tuesday, 26 July 2011

howdy partners

Just dropped in to say hi busy week here sis and family home from Paris on a quick visit on their way to new york for a few days then back to us again for a few days. Great seeing her i really missed throughout my treatment and her kids Sophie and Alice i just love to bits they cheer me up no end..
Only thing is I'm rearing to go on a holiday now everyone is either going or coming from one and I'm just stuck here in the Irish physco summer when its like winter storms one min and then melting heat another!! Mother nature sure is going through menopause!!!Even the evenings are getting darker already.. I'm definitely doing the lotto tomorrow night. All i want is enough for a nice trip away with Greggy and maybe pay some of  me debts..(not even all of them)that's not asking much is it.. i mean come on ha ha..but i know i know ur health is ur wealth i not doubting that but it would be nice (a girl can dream)
Right I'm gone again just a quick hi x x


  1. Keep on putting the desire for a holiday out there into the universe - you never know who might hear it and answer you! :)

  2. well the universe answered me (kind of) jenny!! im off to a rest and relaxation place in mullingar for cancer patients so im looking forward to it x x