Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Ya still here drain is still filling up so looks like it'll b thurs if not sun!! I can go home with it but this is something I'm not willing to take a chance wit cos if results come back as good on thurs I'll have nearly 2-3 months free to get my strength back before starting radiotherapy so a few extra boring days in here will b ok!!
Miss my ladies from the ward do they all gone home so I'm in a semi private room now which is grand but miss the crack!! At least the weather has turned bad again as it was very hard last wend looking out at everyone in shorts an t shirts sunning themselves!!
It's hard staying positive in here do ur surrounded by so much sickness an people telling u there story an it makes u second guess ur diagnoses an compare which is the worst thing one can do I know so even do I miss my ladies I'm happy to be sharing wit a girl now who jus had appendix out !!!
Also everyone is working too so no visitors Aldo my cousin Susan called today she was up wit my uncle getting x ray said shed call up! An Jean an George my besie mates call! An of course poor Greg comes straight from work he must b exhausted poor guy!! He really is my rock x one thing u do notice is how life carries on without u! People keep doing what they do! But roll on thurs an good results il have another hurdle jumped then it's a sprint for the finish line x

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