Friday, 8 July 2011

Day 8 in the big house

Today wasn't too bad considering yesterday I was upset an wanted to go home only for cancer nurse I'd have walked!! It's very hard being in a hospital surrounded by sick people when u urself feels fine it actually drags u down so much! But today I got my 2 Hr release an went shopping wit Greg an had lunch it was only across in shopping centre next to hospital but felt great to mingle wit healthy people again! Blood pressure up alright this eve when I came back but told them twas the excitement of it all ! Sure no doubt it'll b checked again 3-4 times by breakfast so no worries!!
My darling hubby also brought up my laptop an DVDs so had a lovely evening watching johnny depp an orlando bloom Hubba Hubba !! So just took sleep tabs now as women across from me is a wee bit of a handful I think I sense docs have had her a few times an I know specialist had words wit her today about she needin to help herself but she moans even in her sleep sn right now I need sleep to get my health were it should be again!!
Only 2 more sleeps an I'm home wit Greg Missy an my dad can't wait! Then my Sis coming wit her family in a wk or so an I'm praying we have 3 good things: good weather good results good fun til b good to jus not have worry in my brain 24/7 for a change !
I must say how grateful I am to the doctors an nurses an staff here in CUH they are angels sent from above the way they do their jobs x

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