Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Got a hair piece for my hair piece today

New Pain killers are kicking in woop woop and I got a sleep last night! But still drained of energy! Was watching tv today midday and next thing I was snoring and drooling on the couch so not like me but I suppose I've alot of catching up to do! Have a wedding tomorrow we were in two minds as to whether we go or not but decided to go in the end it'll be a night away for us and it's in Kinsale which is lovely!! So panic then this eve as to what to wear! Found a black dress an ended up over in mahon point looking for a shrug or jacket to wear wit it but found a lovely champagne colored short jacket to go wit it! Matches my shoes which r my wedding shoes! Of course i jus had to get myself a fascinator then (well it's a wedding) u wudn mind if i had hair to put it on like but found a nice small one an asked my niece (she's a hairdresser) to trim my Britney (that's what I called my wig incase u thought it was something else) so now my Britney wit fascinator attached is sitting on the dresser ready to b worn ! I'll take pics as the day unfolds looking forward to been out an not worrying about my health for a night!! Might even have a vino or two!!


  1. Your wedding outfit sounds lovely. Have a great day! It may be just what you need.xx