Saturday, 9 July 2011

Tiger woods at it again

Afternoon all one more day in here I'm counting it down now! Sleep wasn't the best last night as older lady across from me came back from theatre around 10.30 after op on her broken leg she's not that old early sixites but decided to spend the whole night asking god to just take her please at the top of her voice!! After about 2 hours I nearly starting asking him the same "will u just take her or I'll smoother her".... Joys of hospital I suppose but boy 'twas long night!Got out of bed early(well about 9) had my shower an dressed an sat on chair wit feet on bed reading an listening to iPod must of nodded off cos next thing I knew was dr tiger woods pulling my toes laughing standing at otherwise of bed!! Thankfully this time I wasnt drooling an snoring!! He apologized for waking me a of course I'd rambled off on some silly story 'not at all I was just listening to music' ya right!He confirmed home tomorrow anyway thank god!
Dad just called in there god my heart breaks for him at his age having to come see me like this an I can see it upsets him! I'm all ott happy then of course trying to pre occupy his mind meanwhile he's looking around at all the sick people!! But he's shepherds pie for dinner tomorrow for my home coming *what a man* an of course he brought me a magnum ice cream.. Didn't have the heart to tell him I was full so ate it ..

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  1. Shepherd's Pie? Well then, that's clinched it - you'll be 100% fine! You can't fail to be, not after Shepherd's Pie - it has worked wonders on me in the past. LOL

    I know what you mean as regards the lady who kept bleating on all night. When I broke my ankle and had to spend 3 weeks in hospital, the lady opposite was an OAP who was convinced she had been put in prison because she'd had an illegitimate daughter and "They" had come and got her. Bless her, it was such a shame - but at 3am when she was bleating about it, you tended to lose sympathy!

    Was lovely to chat with you for a little while yesterday (Saturday) afternoon. Hope the cafe had some brilliant muffins! :)