Thursday, 19 May 2011

On the last leg of my journey to health

Only 1 chemo to go...woohoo. June the 7th bring it on... Also got phone call from cancer nurse this morning have my MRI booked for the 15th June and appointment with Specialist the 17th and Im pencilled in for the 20th June for my operation... Not sure how a big an op it will be yet but please god theyll take it all get it over with all in one op...
Downside of this (if there is one) ill miss the Take That concert ive been looking forward to since last yr but as they say there will be plenty more concerts whens im healthy and cancer free!!!

Today im not feeling too bad think the phone call about op has helped lift me.. I had chemo Monday and finished steriods since tue so today is come down day tired and getting sore but hey i keep telling myself how much itll be worth it to kick this bitch once and for all cos im very positive that im going to get through this and live a long and happy life!!!! Im one of the lucky ones I do believe why shouldnt I be if you dont believe in urself who will so bring it on...
Watching SATC2 now having a wee giggle I love it... trying not to fall asleep during it as Ill be awake all night otherwise!!

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Round 7 of chemo tomorrow

Yes only 1 more to go after tomorrow and hoping ill kick this bitch to touch before then... a wee bit nervous about it as was all out of sorts after last one but heresz hoping it goes well.... all ready anyway bed sheets changed bathroom cleaned kithcen cleaned clothes sorted for next with and gregs too.. food bought in for gregs lunches and dinners.. so all in all im ready for it...
Probably wont sleep a wink tonight but sure i dont mind ive a jackie collins book to keep me going!
I got quiet weepy today not sure if its the fact ive chemo in morning and its coming close to the end and my emotions are all over the place cos periods have stopped or the fact weve a new wee baby in the family and everyone is on a high.. My dad meet her today and i think that may have set me off as all i ever wanted was a family of our own and would have loved to have been able to see him hold my child someday but thats looking like a miracle in its self now cos of theis friggin cancer (what a bitch) but sure i need to focus on living now and beating this cancer once and for all an who knows we may be able to adopt someday fingers crossed x x meanwhile ive missy to keep me entertained for now...
Gregs been a gem with it all i know its hurts him too but he just supports me and is there when im weepy love him to bits im a lucky lady to have meet such a genuine guy whos loves me "just the way i am" x x

Friday, 13 May 2011

Today is Friday the 13th and what a crazy 2 days Ive had

Where do I begin... Yesterday morning my niece gave birth to a little girl 6lb 2 ounces Kayla Marie absolutely adorable little girl.. and I became a gran aunty at the age of 37...OMFG!!!!!!! but Im sooo happy to see a new life coming into our family and happy moments its long overdue let me tell ya..
Also yesterday I meet with my oncologist and he gave me a good examination and said he is very happy with my treatment so far and said the lump under my arm has gone down loads and the one in my breast may be gone but will have to wait for scans to verify that but with 2 more treatments to go im bang on target for my op in july and then start the raduim.. so good news as far as it can be im gonna kick this mother fucker out of me and live a long and happy life...
Today I went to the chapel of adoration as a friend was covering her mother for 2 hr and I said id do 1 hr for was lovely very peaceful and great for letting my thoughts flow and my mind wander!!Its so good to get time just for you and I am diffenately going to go more often..
Greg collected me from there as we were going to look for cars as he was trading in his car for another. I also rang the CUH (hospital) to book my op and scan appointments on the way..
Greg ended up buying a 2007 Mazda 6 very nice car ...
So overall its been a manaic few days and Im sure more to come.. Ive round 7 on Monday heres hoping it goes ok and my ticker doesnt go gaga on me again... roll on june the 7th last chemo woohooo...
Chat tomorrow x

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

About to be a gran aunty

Yes my 21 yr old neice has gone into hospital and will be sectioned in the morning and I will get to see my gran neice at last. Hope it all goes well for her and It Is so good to have some happy news in our family again. Im also going to see specialist in the morning so fingers crossed he'll have good news for me too. Im hoping he'll shed some light on when im going for operation and when im starting raduim as Im hoping to get away for a few days with Greg in between one of them so we can relax..
So overall tomorrow is going to be a crazy day which please god and all the angels above will end on a very happy note all round.
Im typing here now and sweating like a flippy pig as im getting a hot flush(flash) as this chemo is putting me through the change early to help stop the cancer spreading... im going from clothes on clothes off all day (not naked of course...yet) but its the weirdest thing every.. Tis a hard part of the treatment for me too as we spent the last 3-4 yrs trying to conceive a baby to no avail and now that wont happen at all... always thought id have lots of kids as I came from a family of 6 and love having kids around me.. but if it means I get to live longer and get to grow old with my soulmate Greg then its worth the scarifice to me... and sure now I have my gran neice to entertain me from tomorrow on so Ill be throwing my affection at her x x

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Its a stormy May night

Well now the wind has certainly decided to pay us a visit. Its like the iddle of winter out there but thankfully its not raining as yet ! It wasnt a bad day except for the wind. I went to a coffee morning in the community hall for the alziemhers ireland charity whish was good just a quick cup of tea and cake with my bessie mate.. then relaxed with greg for the afternoon before heading out for tea with the girl.
I was very good food wise ..chicken salad for starters (a bit too much on plate do) then seafood medley for dinner..salmon,cod,prawn and smoked haddock with mash and veg.. but i fell down on dessert by having cheesecake but I did leave a bit(tiny bit) ha ha...
Thankfully heart seems to have calmed down again but I am much more careful with the foods im eating and no salt on foods. This surely can only help me! Im meeting Specialist Wednesday to discuss how my treatment is going so hopefully he'll have some answer for me about heart palptitaions and other stuff im dealing with...
Off now to watch the 'Hotel' on channel 4 have a good night all x x

Friday, 6 May 2011

first little set back

Well I suppose I couldnt keep sailing through treatment without at least a little set back... was having a good day yesterday besides getting soaked in the rain yesterday morning but sun came out in avo and went to woods with Missy and bessie mate. Came home and chilled out with hubby on couch. Friend form Clare called for chat. I had a small bit of pain in arms and neck so took a neurofen (which im allowed) and felt much better then took my antibiotic at 10 and went to bed at 11and took my sleeping tab. Decided to tweet a little and check up on facebook and about 11.50 called it a night which didnt last long as I no sooner lay down when my heart started pounding in my chest so sat back up and tried to relax as with the steriods I do get alot of palpitations so I know to just stay came and let it pass but this seemed different and was lasting a long time over and hr in total so woke poor Greg and we called the doctor. He came hr hour later and decided it was serious enough to go to A&E to get trace on heart so at 1 am off we went to south infirmary..
Got seen to fairly quick and BP and pulse was fine but had to wait for doctor to read over results so was told take a seat in waiting room. We both sat there from 2 am till 6.30 with no sign of anyone coming to us so as I was starting to feel sick from being awake all night I asked to see nurse and told her I couldnt wait any longer so signed myself out. She said she'd send the result to my doctor..So thats my drama now didnt get to bed till 7am this morning what a 24 hrs....
Whats funny is Greg probably thinks I did it all to fill my blog ha ha poor Greg hes me rock x x

Sunday, 1 May 2011

busy wkend but feeling good

Well now how was everyone bank holiers then... We had a great wkend here and tis not finished yet... 2 huge liners came in the celebrity eclipse and the voyager of the seas... stunning .. im lookin gup cruises since. Its a great holiday i imagine if you just wanna relax and do nout just stroll around islands and the ship so thats prefect for me at the mo..
Weather held up till today too started raining this evening but not till tea time so that was nice. Im feeling quiet good too.. considering i only had my chemo tuesday this wk im happy a little pain still out my back and down my legs and my head looks like a bowling ball on my shoulders its so swollen.. nurses said thats the side affect from chemo an the meds but otherwise life is good... not back now till 16th may aldo i must go for fluch this tues and meeting oncologist on the 11th so hopefully he'll have some positive news for me... well as much as he can without scans and stuff to look at but fingers crossed.. must admit i still dont feel like ive cancer and im sick its certainly not what i expected.. but cant wait to have my taste buds back an ive decided once all treatment done im going to start running. I really want to run a marathon if only a half one and want to finally get fit this is the wake up call ive been needing so please god ill get the chance to do it... anyway im off now to take me sleep tab and try get some zzz x x