Sunday, 15 May 2011

Round 7 of chemo tomorrow

Yes only 1 more to go after tomorrow and hoping ill kick this bitch to touch before then... a wee bit nervous about it as was all out of sorts after last one but heresz hoping it goes well.... all ready anyway bed sheets changed bathroom cleaned kithcen cleaned clothes sorted for next with and gregs too.. food bought in for gregs lunches and dinners.. so all in all im ready for it...
Probably wont sleep a wink tonight but sure i dont mind ive a jackie collins book to keep me going!
I got quiet weepy today not sure if its the fact ive chemo in morning and its coming close to the end and my emotions are all over the place cos periods have stopped or the fact weve a new wee baby in the family and everyone is on a high.. My dad meet her today and i think that may have set me off as all i ever wanted was a family of our own and would have loved to have been able to see him hold my child someday but thats looking like a miracle in its self now cos of theis friggin cancer (what a bitch) but sure i need to focus on living now and beating this cancer once and for all an who knows we may be able to adopt someday fingers crossed x x meanwhile ive missy to keep me entertained for now...
Gregs been a gem with it all i know its hurts him too but he just supports me and is there when im weepy love him to bits im a lucky lady to have meet such a genuine guy whos loves me "just the way i am" x x

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