Thursday, 19 May 2011

On the last leg of my journey to health

Only 1 chemo to go...woohoo. June the 7th bring it on... Also got phone call from cancer nurse this morning have my MRI booked for the 15th June and appointment with Specialist the 17th and Im pencilled in for the 20th June for my operation... Not sure how a big an op it will be yet but please god theyll take it all get it over with all in one op...
Downside of this (if there is one) ill miss the Take That concert ive been looking forward to since last yr but as they say there will be plenty more concerts whens im healthy and cancer free!!!

Today im not feeling too bad think the phone call about op has helped lift me.. I had chemo Monday and finished steriods since tue so today is come down day tired and getting sore but hey i keep telling myself how much itll be worth it to kick this bitch once and for all cos im very positive that im going to get through this and live a long and happy life!!!! Im one of the lucky ones I do believe why shouldnt I be if you dont believe in urself who will so bring it on...
Watching SATC2 now having a wee giggle I love it... trying not to fall asleep during it as Ill be awake all night otherwise!!

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