Sunday, 12 June 2011

Its been too long

well hello ive been very naughty and haven blogged since 19th may.. just couldnt be arsed really... but finally finished my chemo sessions so said id jump in and let ye know!! 6 months have flown omg.. and now its results time scans on wednesday and results friday so itll be a wk from hell me thinks.. my head is all over the place trying to think positive and bascially say to myself what will be will be but come on like seriously thats all good in theory but my mind says other things like omg what if ..... but deep breathing and plenty of focusing on the future and listening to strange positive attitude cds shud help... I apologise now to my husband friends and family for the mess i will be in this wk and probably moody and touchy (i know whats new there) but its the only way i know of getting through this wk...
On a brighter note im off to erasure in the marquee wed night a bit of hanging with the gays night best way to spend a night ever i love erasure!! and depending on my operation schedule i shud be at take that sunday night and staying in the exculsive four seasons hotel that night why not life too short i say.... but that depends on operation date..
So for now its adios and i apologise again for the bad grammar and low keys but im just typing as i think right now so au revior x x

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