Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Hospital day today

Just spent the last 3 hrs downloading music for the hospital on my iPhone!! I'm nervous but more anxious to just get in there now an get it over with!! At least then I'll know where I stand and what's next on the recovery list! I'm hoping the hospital won't be too warm Coe wit these hot flushes I'm getting since I started chemotherapy I won't b able to sleep a wink! I'm bad enough sharing a room wit people I'm such a light sleeper I can't relax everything someone coughs or moves about I'm awake!
So better roll over here now an make the most of my own bed! Good night all prob blog tomorrow night from hosie but not sure when I'll b blogging again after that as it's my right arm pit area they b operating on so it'll b fun!!
Keep sending all ur positivity to me an keep me in ur prayers x x

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