Friday, 17 June 2011

First hurdle jumped....

Well today went great..ive responded well to chemo and all has shrunk loads so im booked in monday for removal of lymph nodes and breast tissue. I was suppose to go in sunday at 3 get bloods taken and then op monday but i mentioned in passing to specialist that i was missing Take That concert for op she insisted i go and come in monday for op as she can fit me in monday afternoon too! I had given up the idea of seeing them even more allergic missing a luxury night in the four now im going in sunday get bloods checked and ring them at 6 sunday to see if blood are ok to come in monday. If bloods are still low (due to chemo) she'll put off operation til thurs!!
So first hurdle over with and a good result so perparing my head now for round 2 operation round 3 raduim.... but one positive step at a time i now to have a good sleep i hope x x

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