Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Just want this day over wih

Cant beleive they did it again to me...this time last yr i had to have a disc removed from my back and they canceled the op due to no neds available then a wk later they rang me as i was being driven in to hospital to say no bed come back in morning... then after op they kicked me out the following mornig even though i wasnt to sit walk or stand for 14 days yet i was made get into a wheelchair to leave hospital and driven home in a car (in agony)... now today 5 mins before i left my house for hospital they ring to say theyve no bed !! fast at home from midnight and come straight in to hospital at 9 am and theyll have a bed during the day for me but i will get the op done... wtf irish healthcare system is a f**kin joke... its not like im getting a tooth out or cosmetic surgery this is urgent operation that could cost me my life .... STOP MESSING WITH MY F**KIN HEAD...
So im off to bed now and have to get up at 6.30 to shower and be gone out of house for 8 to be there on time whilst fasting ....god give me patience... staying positive is being tested to the last otday beleive me....
I apoligise for rant but its been a crap day x x roll on this time tomorrow and good news from operation x x
keep sending me you positive vibes need them more than ever today x x

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