Sunday, 26 June 2011

sunday night watching top gear

yes im drinking a glass of red wine and watching top gear on a lovely sunny dry evening in cork... we went to inch strand today with missy to let her swim in the sea but twaas full of sufers (oh at least men/boys sitting on boards in the water pretending to be surfers).. so seh wouldnt go into water she was too we just walked along the beach sat for a bit but there was a thick fog coming in so we headed home. Sat out the back garden with my factor 30 on but twas lovely to feel the sun in ur skin it just cheers ya up..and listened to dire straits on my ipod very chilled out i must say i found myself saying" life is gooooooood" in all my ill health and worries i really did appreciate the moment and enjoyed the down time..
Booked in for operation thurs fingers corssed ill be going in wed depending on getting a bed..just cant wait to get this operation over so i know where i stand and whether ill need more chemo or just start on the radiotherapy!!! im hoping to go to lourdes in aug with my sis who lives in france but it all depends on what my next treatment will be...
Ok so off to watch the star in the reasonably priced car (top gear) chat later x


  1. My Mum had what sounds like a similar operation to yours, some 15 years ago. She found it difficult to get the mobility back in her arm afterwards, but I gather that the physiotherapy that is offered these days is much better - not to mention that the operation's procedures are much improved since then. So bear that in mind, and get them working on your arm mobility as soon as you are able! :)

  2. Ya I've been told I'll have Physio after so hopefully that'll help an things have come so far since so please god it'll all go well ! Thanks for ur kind words x