Friday, 1 July 2011

Hello from the hospital

Yes it's the day after operation an I'm feeling good. Op went well won't know results til next fri morning but spoke wit my specialist an she's happy so far so fingers crossed! I'm here in the ward now wit a lady from my home town in bed across from me. The lady in bed next to me is from city shes lovely only found out3 wks ago she had breast cancer an has had a mastectomy but needs chemotherapy yet so she's all over the place as yet asking me loads of questions about the chemotherapy! I've told her wat I can but told her everyone is different an she just Needs to stay positive an it'll fly around! We all even though were going through this crappy thing seem to have funny situations we had since being diagnosed! I've had lots of visitors today my brother Tony my dad my best friend Jean greg called this morning an also this eve he's just gone tis gonna cost Greg a fortune on carpark fees!!
So tonight I here on chair next to bed reading emma hannigans new novel "the pink Ladies club"
An waiting for the lady to bring me a cup of gold old barrys tea! My drain is doing it's job an I'll b in till that is clear so more than likely be sun or mon! But it's good to have another hurdle down bring on the raduim next!!


  1. Hello you!! Hope you're OK. You sound really positive and I bet you're really encouraging to those others on your ward.
    God bless and lots of love and prayers xx

  2. Well done you! So glad to hear it all went well and you're feeling upbeat. :) Now, don't spend all your time keeping other people's spirits up - remember to take some time out for yourself. :)