Sunday, 8 May 2011

Its a stormy May night

Well now the wind has certainly decided to pay us a visit. Its like the iddle of winter out there but thankfully its not raining as yet ! It wasnt a bad day except for the wind. I went to a coffee morning in the community hall for the alziemhers ireland charity whish was good just a quick cup of tea and cake with my bessie mate.. then relaxed with greg for the afternoon before heading out for tea with the girl.
I was very good food wise ..chicken salad for starters (a bit too much on plate do) then seafood medley for dinner..salmon,cod,prawn and smoked haddock with mash and veg.. but i fell down on dessert by having cheesecake but I did leave a bit(tiny bit) ha ha...
Thankfully heart seems to have calmed down again but I am much more careful with the foods im eating and no salt on foods. This surely can only help me! Im meeting Specialist Wednesday to discuss how my treatment is going so hopefully he'll have some answer for me about heart palptitaions and other stuff im dealing with...
Off now to watch the 'Hotel' on channel 4 have a good night all x x

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