Friday, 6 May 2011

first little set back

Well I suppose I couldnt keep sailing through treatment without at least a little set back... was having a good day yesterday besides getting soaked in the rain yesterday morning but sun came out in avo and went to woods with Missy and bessie mate. Came home and chilled out with hubby on couch. Friend form Clare called for chat. I had a small bit of pain in arms and neck so took a neurofen (which im allowed) and felt much better then took my antibiotic at 10 and went to bed at 11and took my sleeping tab. Decided to tweet a little and check up on facebook and about 11.50 called it a night which didnt last long as I no sooner lay down when my heart started pounding in my chest so sat back up and tried to relax as with the steriods I do get alot of palpitations so I know to just stay came and let it pass but this seemed different and was lasting a long time over and hr in total so woke poor Greg and we called the doctor. He came hr hour later and decided it was serious enough to go to A&E to get trace on heart so at 1 am off we went to south infirmary..
Got seen to fairly quick and BP and pulse was fine but had to wait for doctor to read over results so was told take a seat in waiting room. We both sat there from 2 am till 6.30 with no sign of anyone coming to us so as I was starting to feel sick from being awake all night I asked to see nurse and told her I couldnt wait any longer so signed myself out. She said she'd send the result to my doctor..So thats my drama now didnt get to bed till 7am this morning what a 24 hrs....
Whats funny is Greg probably thinks I did it all to fill my blog ha ha poor Greg hes me rock x x

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