Sunday, 7 August 2011

off to mullingar for a few days R&R

Hidi hi well im off to LARCC house in mullingar for a week of yoga thi chi mediation and talks with other cancer patients.. its basically all gonna help me get myself back to normal and learn to deal with living with cancer as Ive only had bad experience of cancer in my family as i lost my mam and gran to breast cancer and my sis in law 6 yrs ago so i need to surround myself with people who've gone through it and survived to tell the tale and have a more positive twist on this bitch called cancer.. I am still very positive about it all i dont believe im gonna die etc(not as yet anyway) but after all the treatment i feel im just starting to wear done a bit and it just becomes scary to be on your own again no nurses and docs looking after you although i still have radiotherapy to go but thats more precautionary so Im finding it hard to accept that i have to trust the docs have done their job correctly its gone and im fine !! To be honest and i do believe any cancer patient would agree the hardest part of cancer isnt all the treatment, losing hair,feeling sick, tired and sore after op!! ya they are shite times but honestly the hardest part is the mental stress, the waking up every morning trying not to worry and basically trying to cope with the whole living with and getting over having cancer!!
So im off to get in touch with the inner me and see how that helps!! i love a good ole pampering anyway so heres hoping i get some of that too....
So ill try and blog while there but will only have my iphone so wont be that easy but ill dif blog on my return to let ye know how it went and would i recommend it ....
So for now caoi bella x x

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