Monday, 29 August 2011

Day 1... Not glowing yet lol

First day of radiotherapy down and not bad at all. Very good system they have. I went in sat on table 3 young nurses then proceeded to push and pull me into place while I lay there weird!! Then they left came back moved me again then left then told me I finished ta? I cudn believe how fast it was and I was expecting noises or beams or some feeling but nothing. I can honestly say and MRI or x ray wud rake longer and b worse !
I've my own park space (well I've a pass to park in radiology space it's not exactly for helen mc Cauley) and they put a barcode thing on back of my book (book is a log of my treatments had one for chemo too) and in morning I just go straight to waiting room outside my machine and swipe the barcode they'll know I'm there then!!
Tired now do not sure if it's treatment or just lack of sleep last night(which it probably is)
So night all sweet dreams


  1. Great post. Smiling in the face of adversity ! Wonderful. Xxx Rosalie

  2. Well done, Helen! Keep smiling! xx