Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Day two

Well the day started early at 8 for shower then breaky! Didn't sleep too good bed real hard my back bit happy !! Had a short group session today then thi chi with Shay OMG I love it I'm addicted it's so relaxing an calming dif taking it up when I get home! Lunch was veg lasagna which I hate but as I said chef is fab an I ate the lot even a side portion if beetroot...I'm a new woman ha ha! Afternoon I had the nicest reflexology I ever had in my life. She said if u fall asleep don't worry I said I won't fall asleep .. Ten seconds later I was snoring my head off omg so relaxing! This eve one of the girls brought vino so we had a few drinks in plunge an a good old natter! I'm loving the few days we all getting on great an the place is brill!we got invited back free of charge by boss lady today to their new house next yr if we like too how nice was that!! Ok knackered now zzz

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