Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Day 3

Well today ended up a very chilled out day as our timetable had to change due to the terrible rain we were having so we did art therapy in morning which I found great she gets u to listen to music an relax an visualize a scene then we go an paint or draw what we like !! Loved it I love art do! Then this afternoon cos we didn't have our trip out due to weather we just relaxed in sitting room an I slept an read my book an we did some tai chi practise .. This eve Cathy one of the girls did an angel reading for me. I was terrified but twas great cos I'm big into my angels an it all made alot of sense! Also one of the nurses gave me a "chillow" which is a pillow u put in ur pillow case which helps with the night sweats I'm getting they r all so kind here I really an loving it all!! This is exactly what I needed an someone is seriously looking out for me to say I got to cone at last minute ! Right off to test chillow now night night x

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