Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Waiting rooms in hospitals

Well I'm sitting here in CUH radiology Dept waiting room for my trial radiotherapy run. How am I feeling? Well as it's only a trial run I feel weird half excited as to what I'm in for an nervous as to what I'm in for at the same time! It's great to know this will help keep cancer away but how do u tell that to ur brain which is shouting "eh hello u about to b blasted with radiation??" isn't it funny how we spend our lives avoiding such things so we don't get Ill but then when u get Ill ur blasted with the stuff to keep u alive??? I thought as I got older life would make more sense an b less hard to understand but boy was I wrong!!
I think it's time to switch off the brain an let machines just do their job!! As I say today is just the trial so I wont b glowing on the dancefloor over the wkend lol


  1. So how was it? I imagine it to be fairly painless and (thankfully) a bit dull. Am I anywhere close to reality? Hope you haven't experienced any nasty side effects.

  2. Jenny twas grand as I said twas just the trial run starting proper tomorrow so a wee bit nervous but thinking of it as the end of it all now health is jsut around the corner and getting my life back to some normality...Hardest side affect for me throughout it all is keeping my head clear and not panicing about it coming back etc cos really I cant be thinking like that itll only drive me crazy.. ill be blogging throughout the treatment anyway.. thanks for all your comments x loving ur blog too ill have to start cookign more after reading some of your recipes x