Monday, 8 August 2011

First day in LARCC House

First impressions completely not what I expected I was expecting an old house on a lake but its a new build (well 90's) an on the side of a busy road but lovely an relaxing!people I've met here are nice on first impression! We all have/had breast cancer an r all in different stages of recovery! It's good to hear their stories an see how they cope etc!! Had lovely Indian head massage this eve an a nice walk wit one of the girls from cork ! We sat on swing out the back an chatted!she can't have kids either now an is in the process of adopting so I'm learning loads from her! Food here unreal the chef is Malaysian an she cooks everything from scratch! She's given us all the recipes on Friday before we go! All healthy food right down to the biscuits she makes herself!! Thi chi in morning can't wait to try that an reflexology in afternoon!!

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