Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Day 2 Busy day today

Howdy dowdy... today started crap as I slept shite last night so couldnt get out of bed this morning. Managed to drag me arse out about 10 and called next door to my sis in law(mags) for breakfast of branflakes and brown whoelmeal bread and cup of tea and chat (kinda my morning ritual really if I dont call she thinks im sick and panics ha ha.. shes the best I love her like a sis..anyway headed to meet my PT in gym at 12.30 then and OMG the poor guy i swear why he bothers I dont know cos everything he asked us to do I moaned and said do I have to... but did an hr of cardio anyway and stomach excerises so will be stiff in the morning but it got me out of my lazy moment. Had shower there and then went out for lunch (I know gym then out for lunch ill never learn)but we were all aroud this avo so decided to meet up. I had cod and chips for dinner not the healthiest but I am trying to eat more fish so not too bad although I had hot chocolate pie with ice cream for dessert too so that not good..
Came home and took missy for a long walk around the block good 20 min brisk walk and hills too so made up for the dessert. Decided not to have any dinner then this eve cos that lunch was big enough so once I had gregs made and him feed I called for Mags and we headed out for another walk 45 mins along the water front in Cobh. Tis a fab evening here sun still shining now.. loads out walking too. Came home and made myself a roll with tuna salad in it and big glass of water so overall it was an alright day health wise...
After eating the lily o'briens easter egg yesterday I felt a lot of pain in my lump under my arm so it really has given me a scare enough to stop me eating chocolate or at least too much chocolate so thats a good thing. Going to make a quiche tomorrow with asparagus and grilled ham pieces so ill have that then for dinner.. greg watching match on tv now missy chasing an empty plastic bottle around the front room and im ready for bed .. please god ill sleep tonight after all the fresh air and exercise today  x x

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