Friday, 15 April 2011

technically this is Fri the 15th post

Howdy dowdy.. today started off a bit shitty didnt sleep last night as my arm which has a picc line in it (for the chemo as my veins are collapsing) have swellled up and is soooo painful. I rang hosie and they said to come up and let doc see incase it was infected. So 11 am this morning i was in the south infimary but thankfully line is fine but vein may have pilbitis(cant spell) so on more antibiotics now for that and neurofen for the pain.. but as the day went on it picked up as I had 4 friends calling this evening so spent avo cleaning up sittingroom and went to woods with missy and jean and polly(shes a staff bull terrier and is so cuddley) and pip(shes a westhighland terrier adorable).. missy loves the woods and loves polly!!
Anyway Ann,Lisa,Jean and georgina all called up about 8.30 and we had pringles and vino... and blackforest gateau for later... twas a good catch up I really love when we as a group met up as we always have a good banter and get on so well.their the kind of girls you can just be yourself with even ann turned up ion uggs and tracky and check shirt no apoligise just thats her chilled out(love it)
.hence why my Fri 15th post is now going on the Sat 16th page as I was chatting so much and then blogging about it it went past midnight... Greg is here with me now (poor guy got kicked out while girls called ... to explain - we share a house with my dad basically he gave it to us as hes old and im the youngest so he said rather than us renting hed sign it over to me and we could start doing it up gradually (love him) its a big enough house and we have our own part of the house just share bathroom and kitchen etc we have our own sitting room and 3 bedrooms and a spare room which Greg is turning into his games room/computer room but everything gone on a slow mo since I got sick so poor ends up in bedroom with laptop when frineds call to me ahhhh hes the best x x hes watching simpsons from earlier now while im blogging here and missy is attacking the bean bag... good times ha ha Im a lucky lady x

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