Thursday, 21 April 2011

Hottest day of the yr so far

Well well 'what a gods gift of a day' tis day like this i just love going for walks and breathing in the air and vitamin D and feel thankful im alive and able to be out in the sun.. Poor Missy had 3 walks today so shes flat out here on mat. Meet my cousin Trisha for lunch today and her 4 yr old little boy eddie whos adorable but must say a little spoilt.But twas nice to meet up with her and we even went to the local library which I can honestly say i haven been in since Id say I was about 18 nealry 20 yrs ago cant believe its still open but guess what I actually joined it today only  2.50 euro for 12 months i mean come on ya cant let that go and since im not really sleeping lately a few good books would be handy... So got a patricia scanlon novel for tonight and typical ill probably sleep the night through ha ha..
Actually im just about to have a glass of wine to help me sleep was going to have a brandy but think ill try the wine first as brandy brun my throat so fingers crossed. Looking forward to sat now heading away for few night s with greggy x x Tomorrow is good friday but im still off to the gym to meet PT with chick. Thats Jean my bestest bud she does the PT trainng with me as we are too chicken to do it on our own ha ha.. also meeting friend from work MOL whos forty today so we meeting for lunch but as its good friday itll be fish and no dessert ha ha
Off now to watch Katie price make a fool of herself on sky chat tomorrow x x here comes the vino woohoo

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