Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Another sleepless night for me last night tis nearly a wk now since ive had a proper sleep and its really starting to affect me im shattered...going to ask about sleeping tabs in hosie next wk just incase i need them but for now its herbal pillow spray and rescue remedy to relax me..oh and sleeping under a sheet and windows open ha ha think ive lost it !!!
Did loads of housework today cos we heading away for wkend and im back to hosie on tue so dont fancy doing it all monday when we get home.. so ironing done washing done tomorrow im going to change our bed sheets (might help me sleep too). Also today I made quiche mmmmm twas yummy have some left for tomorrow as well and I baked a sponge cake but unfortunately i had no recipe so was making it up as i went and lets just say Missy(the dog) enjoyed it ha ha might try again tomorrow..
Heard sad news today of a lady i knew for the supermarket died suddenly she was only in her 40's so its very sad think it was heart attack and once again it puts my illness into prespective as she didnt even get to say good bye to her family it was so sudden. At the end of the day I believe I will kick cancers ass but truly we are all born and we will all die we just have different paths on the way and some are long and some are short but its all about the enjoying the journey and living each day like its our last illness or no illness life is short.
I lost one of my brothers 16 yrs ago this may. He was 33 yrs old married with a 1 yr old little girl... He left home full of health apparently and went golfing with friends and had a massive heart attack on the first tee and died immediately... so when people say to me how strong I am throughout this I just feel thankful that I can be cured please god and have been given the chance to change me life and live every min to the max wearing a smile and brightening peoples lives where i can x x
So go spread the happiness ha ha

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