Thursday, 14 April 2011

day 1 of my blog ha ha

Ok its the day after my nieces 21st bday and ive decided to write a blog.... why? dont know really maybe to relieve some stress or just moan although i hope i dont moan too much else ill only annoy myself reading it back...So how does this work... ill start with a bit about myself even though im talking to myself here but what the hell im great company ha ha
Married to greg nearly 4 yrs now. Got married in Italy Lake Garda twas best day of my life loved it...We have a gorgeous dog named Missy whos a golden cocker spaniel we got her for Greg's Birthday in Oct as last yr I had a rough yr as I had a slipped disc in my back that ended up severing my sciattic nerve causing me to loose the feeling in my right leg and hence had an operation in June to remove the disc. Finally got back to work (pharamacuetical leader) in Sept part time and things were looking up until .......
Got diagnosed with Breast Cancer Dec 10 2010 and currently 5 chemo sessions in and not doing too bad... i have 8 in total which will take me up to the end of June then its operation time all going ok and then ....well who knows the world is my oyster....(enough for now me thinks ...)

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