Sunday, 17 April 2011

What a Day...

Saturday the 16th April.. 'what a day indeed'....started with breakfast down the town with hubby nice and relaxing then we came home and made a start on painting as we have my sister and family coming home in July for 2 wks and dont want to leave all the DIY till they nearly here incase Im not feeling well. So off we went emptying the spare room painting cupboards walls ceilings(well I did cupboards Greg did the rest hehe ) then i progressed onto the back hall and must admit not bad!!!! nice and bright I choose a kind of light lemon colour called pashmina. So overall we were happy.
Then I had to jump into shower as by the time we finished it was 5 o'clock, were does the time go when you doing DIY tis crazy .. I had my oldest neice 21st party in bellavista chinese at 7.30. Only good thing about having cancer (if I can actually say there is a good thing) is that showering can be done in ten mins as ive no hair to its in scrub and out woohoo...Bad side is instead of spending an hr doing my hair I now spend and hr or more doing my makeup as my eyelashes are nearly gone (eyebrows still hanging in there at least) and doing makeup with no eyelashes is SO hard cos no matter how well you paint your face (my idea of putting on makeup) and eyes you still look kind of like you forgot something.. so it takes a bit of creative colours and lines to give the right effect.. but I pulled it off I think.. and we headed out .
Had a fab meal and plenty of red wine twas lovely. My neice is pregnant so I organised the evening for her as she didnt want a party but she did like the idea of a meal and get together... so as shes my first niece I said Id organised it for her. Overall there was 16 of her cousins and family so she was delighted.
I was ready for bed about midnight my niece had headed away about 11 as she was tired she has only 6 wks left (more excitement) but my sis in law (mags and her sis trisha) were on a roll so I stayed and managed to stay awake till I must admit and it really has nothing to do with having cancer 'Im just too old to do late nights anymore'
I love going out early having grub a few nice drinks and home by midnight (I knowI know.. sad!!!) but still one night every so often is good... but I can tell ya now twil be couch all day Sunday do x

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