Saturday, 23 April 2011

blogging on me holidays

Never got to blog yesterday had a busy day and was doing good friday stuff last night. We have a local church chior that sing alot of taize music and its amazing and so uplifting so I went to the prays around the cross last ngiht form 9-12 but slipped away around 11 was kanckered.
Anyway that was yesterday today was a fab day sun shining all day although it was only 16-18 degrees but hey the sun was out I was happy. We left home this morning at 10.45 and arrived in shannon around lunch time to meet gregs mam in the centre for lunch she was delighted to see us. Gregs sis and nephew came too. Joshua (gregs nephew) is adorable he adores greg he calls him "greggy".... ahhhh they both had their munster jerseys on for the match this eve (which munster won by the way 20-22 just over now). Stayed with gregs mam till 4 and then headed into our hotel in limerick and once we parked up twas off to the bar.. greg hasnt had a pint since new yrs eve and i really wanted him to relax and just let himself go these few days. I know all the worrying about me must be taking its toll on him so glad he had a few pints this eve watching the rugby.. of course i had to have a few bacardi's so he wouldnt feel pressured ha ha ya right as if i need to have my arm twisted mmmm.
We both cant stop thinking of our baby at home "Missy" my dad is minding her and I know she'll be fine but cant wait to see her monday already god help us how sad are we....
Watching BGT on tv at the mo and hoping to nod off soon and be nice and fresh in morning as we are heading to visit gregs nan in morning then back to his mams for turkey and ham dinner mmmmmm
and of course chocolate .. bring it on...happy easter all x x

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