Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Not a bad day diet wise

Took me a while to drag my arse out of bed this morning but once I did I started off with organic porridge and wholemeal brown bread with herbal tea. Then took missy for a 20 min brisk walk. Kept myself busy this afternoon then by doing some washing and watching movies as I get tired easily still so had to rest up a bit. Dinner was fish and baked pop. I know its alot of carbs in one day but while Im whining myself off the chocolate and sweet stuff I'll keep the carbs to help me stay full. Next week I'll make a start on increasing my protein and reducing my carbs. Had small walk this evening with greg should have been a long walk but got a phone call from garage to collect my car. But happy with the way its going so far....onwards and upwards!!


  1. You are doing well with your diet and my exercise programme is coming along well too. I am running a little more each day. Here's to both of us !!

  2. broke out today but ive put it behind me and will go for long walk tomorrow morning to make up for it ..