Friday, 6 January 2012

Diet was going great until......

Ya I lost control today ha ha, while I was cleaning and tidying away Christmas decs I found a lovely box of cadburys biscuits OMG...They were yummy do...but I must admit I have since put them put to my dads room so I wont eat anymore...I have been very good all week now so dont want to ruin it all together. AND its a Friday night and we didnt have take out woohoo proud of myself...need to last for rest of wkend now too. But have walked 2.5km every night this wk except tonight as I had the hospital today just a check up with radiologist and she was very happy with me and will see me again in 4 months so that gave me a little boost too. Even considered going back to work...that didnt last long do lmao. NO I know I will have to start thinking about it soon but whenthe time is right!!!
Booked 2 nights in Druids Glen Co Wicklow for my birthday. Cant wait now my birthday is the 16th I'll be 38 so decided I wont be waiting for my 40th to celebrate its party every birthday for me from now on.

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