Sunday, 22 January 2012

Easy like Sunday morning.....

Tis a nice sunny day here today. Greg watching movie Im contemplating going for a walk. Wk has been great lovely few days away for my birthday in druids glen and lovely days out in the wicklow mountains... big change from last year !! Only bad thing is my diet hasnt been great since thurs seem to have let myself go a bit but have kept up the walking everyday so happy with that!So gonna let myself enjoy today now (not over doing it do) and kick ass again tomorrow.
Ive decided to make a list of things I want to complete this wk(making phone calls ive been putting off..clearing out rooms..making my vision board) to name a few. Start as I mean to go on is my new motto no more putting shit off where possible.
Started volunteering during the wk in a charity only 3 hrs but loved it and it felt good. I felt I was doing good not just for me but making a im not doing much there just a few emails and stuff but just the feeling of doing something you dont HAVE to do is great (i.e daily work routine) but want to do. You begin to realize how a cancer diagnosis not just affects us physically but the mental/emotional affect is so big. The mundane things in life just dont cut it and I hope this feeling never leaves me cos its like a wake up call to life and how we all should be enjoying the here and now and the blessing we have not what we think we should have cos others have it etc...
Anyway im off to enjoy my day so should you x x
Oh today is national hug day so heres a nice big hug to ye all x x

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