Saturday, 10 December 2011

12 months on and still kicking ass..

today os my 1 yr since diagnosis cant believe how fast the time went even though its been a long yr. Didnt think it would bother me much and that it would just be a normal day but must admit twas a weird day....tried keeping myself busy did christmas shopping and put up decs and tree but my mind kept going back over the day and how i felt and how i reacted and told everyone....twas just strange but on a positive tis so good to be 1 yr down and in the clear. A friend wrote this on her status today and im stealing it cos i think its well worth a read... 

Tonight brings us the full Long Nights Moon, as the days get shorter and the Winter Solstice approaches with the longest night of the year, we force ourselves to get through the darkness because eventually we will see the sunlight and warmth again. Think about the things in your life that you have had to endure. Now is the perfect time for spiritual magic, a time to evaluate your life, and know that you will survive the dark times. 

When it is cold outside, open your heart and home to friends and family. Reach out to people who might be suffering from the chill of winter, either spiritually or physically. Blessed Be.

Sometimes life just makes us stop and re-evaluate our lives and our surroundings..... 

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  1. Lovely blog post, my dear and Congratulations on Year 1 !!! Here's to many more !!!