Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Its been awhile I know

Yes its been too long since I blogged sorry but life has taken off again in a good way...finished all my treatment now since oct 14th and all is going good so far. Not due back to hospital till Jan 20th and thats just to radiologist not back to breast clinic till June/July...
So at present I am trying to get myself moving again. Mind is willing the body is not but I am building myself up at a nice pace started back walking missy on longish walks about 1 mile- 2 mile walks and im feeling ok. The days I feel not up to it I have promised myself I will just veg out and relax...I did this Monday as I had no energy at all but felt grand again yesterday and today..
Ive started back reading at night in bed and am currently reading a book about Archangel Micheal. I have a fascination for Angels always did but love Micheal...  Love the stories in the book about all the people that believe he helped them out during times of trouble and I know he certainly helped me this past 12 months. I also decided to do out a new vision board for my room so Ive started collecting old magazines to start cutting things out. I feel it'll help me stay positive and there are a few things I would like to change in my present life (one being my weight) so Im going to focus on the positive and hopefully it'll all fall together in time...of course main vision is my health...On that note im off to bed to read and hopefully sleep..night and god bless x x

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