Saturday, 8 October 2011

Saturday morning lie ins .. U can't beat um!!

Was suppose to get up at 5.30 with hubby to watch Ireland play wales in rugger but didn't even hear him get up which males a change but even do it took me forever to fall off to sleep last night I slept like a log!! So happy this autumn weather seems to suit my hot flushes and jeeps me slightly cooler at night. Having bedroom window open probably helps too poor Greg us probably getting pneumonia from it but he's not complaining infairness to him! Anyway Ireland were beaten so glad I didn't drag my arse out now I'm actually still In it I know that's very lazy but I've brought breakfast down and jumped back under covers - why the hell not I say - lol. I've my 20 yr school reunion tonight half allergic to the usual fools as we all had in our yr but have some good friends that I don't mind catching up with so il see how it goes! Can't believe I'm out of school 20 yrs were did it go? What have I done in that time? See that's another reason I hate reunion u question what uv done with ur life till now and start comparing it to the muppets ur allergic to in the first place !!! Well better go drag me arse into shower!!!

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