Friday, 30 September 2011

United we stand Jugs in our Hands ....

As ye all know October is Breast Cancer Awareness month so I wanted to post up something thats not just a copy and paste because yer not just anybody yer my friends!! I cant stress enough for everyone to check yourselves weekly no matter what your age is or whether you have someone or not in your family who has had Breast Cancer as unfortunately cancer doesnt care who you are how old/young you are, how healthy/unhealthy, tall/small, fat/thin its all down to how observant and aware of your body you are and if in doubt check it out !!!! Forget the embrassement believe me if you dont check it out and it turns out to be cancer the last thing on your mind will be embrassement so GET YOUR JUGS OUT ladies (and gents)...we're all to full of life to let it slip by due to lack of self awareness..
If we can all just make 1 person each aware of self examination and also that cancer is no longer a death sentence to all its treatable 99% of the time now. Ive even see changes in treamtents and diagnosis since Ive been diagnosed last Dec so together we CAN beat this and thats something we need to speak out about and let the youth of today know what to watch for and how to prevent it.
So grab a feel and save the tata's not just for the month of October but weekly and dont be afraid to ask for help...your life is precious all of our lives are and we deserve to live them to the fullest for as long as we can.................
Love Helen x x

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